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At Parker and Crowther we believe we offer the very best in veterinary care and customer service.


Like you, we are pet owners and understand the need to make your pet feel as relaxed and comfortable as we can whilst they are in our care.


We are a privately run practice (not owned by a large corporate company) with surgeries in Birkdale, Churchtown, Formby and Maghull. We acquired the Formby and Maghull practices in 2011 when George Petchey retired.



Have you seen the New Recova Shirts that we now have available for your Dogs or Cats for after surgery


  • Promotes post-surgical healing, preventing pets from agitating sensitive areas

  • Ideal treatment for skin issues, senior pet ailments and incontinence

  • Helps reduce separation anxiety


Please speak to your Vet or Veterinary Nurse / Receptionist if you would like to discuss this option for your pets. Subject to availibility at your local branch and there is an extra charge for the Recova Shirt (this is not included in the operation price).


Kong Products are also available - see our kong page for the range of products / toys available





Subject to availibility - not available at all of our branches

Royal Canin Senior Food for Cats


Have you seen the range of food that we offer for cats over the age of 7.
As cats age their nutritional requirements change. Royal Canin offer products for every stage of your cat's life.
For healthy cats reaching the senior stage of life, we offer the following diets:
It contains highly digestible proteins, chondroitin, glucosamine and omega 3 fatty acids for joint support, antioxidants to help support vitality, nutritional additivesto support brain function and reduced phosphorus to support renal function. An S/O index to create an environment unfavourable to the formation of urinary stones.
Speak to one of our Nurses or Receptionists if you would like to trail this range of food.



Coming Soon:

New pictures of the renovations that have now been finished at our Birkdale Surgery

Flea and Tick Prevention Season 2016



A time bomb that's ticking - Dealing with ticks.



Ticks are benefiting from climate change, posing a threat to both human and animal health. We are informing all of our clients what you can do to protect both your dog and yourself.



It is widely reported that tick numbers are increasing. The apparent changes in seasons are also favouring the spread of ticks that were previously only found in warmer parts of the continent towards northern Europe and the UK. As well as being unpleasant for you and your dog they can also be involved in the transmission of some diseases.


Please click on the Services & Products button above to learn more about Flea and Ticks and our products to help prevent them.



We are very proud to announce that all four of our Practices have freshly received accreditation under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon's Practice Standards Scheme.

Through setting standards and carrying out regular inspections, the Scheme aims to promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care

So, this means that you can be even more sure that we are committed to providing the absolute best care for your Pets




Pet care



The right care is crucial.

Every animal needs individual care. Many animal lovers find this a challenge, but there's no need to worry. Proper care is easy when you know how. Just ask us. We shall be happy to advise you.



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Our Surgeries


 Daleside Veterinary Surgery

309-311 Liverpool Road




Tel: 01704 575606


Churchside Veterinary Surgery

5a Preston New Road




Tel: 01704 225105


Formby Veterinary Surgery

113 Church Road



L37 3ND

Tel: 01704 877145


Maghull Veterinary Surgery

55 Liverpool Road South



L31 7BN

Tel: 0151 531 7719 

Out of Hours Emergency Cover

Barn Lodge Veterinary Hospital

54a Southport Road
L39 1LX

01695 572 837