Welcome to Our Staff Pets Page


We want to introduce our staff pets page. We know how important our job is to look after your pets when they come to visit us at our branches and we wanted to share with you the pets that we then continue to look after when we all arrive home

Sarah's (RVN) Pets

This is Grace who was found straying with a tumour last October. Jaspers helped pay for her treatment and she likes sitting on the vivarium where it is warm.

This is Ragnar, he is 2 y/o and we got him when a family had no time for him anymore. He likes crickets and occasionally raspberries.

This is Dio who we handreared after she was found with her brothers 2 1/2 years ago.

This is Danzig who was an unwanted puppy 10 years ago. He likes walks and hates fireworks.
Lynyrd who was dumped four years ago. He likes blankets and hates the cold.

Clare's (RVN) Pets

Timmy and Holly are both Patterdale Terriers. Showing off their posing skills on our recent batch of vaccine cards.

Tiggs and Ruby where both handreared from 2 weeks old from a litter of 5 abandoned kittens and now at the grand age of 12 years old and doing well

Helen's (Receptionist) Pets

This is Pepper she is a cavachon and is 18 months old. I have had her since she was 12 weeks old. Shes a wonderful little thing, very friendly to other dogs and humans. She lives with 2 cats and gets on well with them
This is Bobbie and Dottie my two British short haired cats. I have had them for 3 of their 5 years. They were no longer wanted by their owner and where advertised on the internet. They get on well with my dog Pepper, all three are spoiled and loved loads

Holly's (Receptionist) Pets

Gordon is 6 years old hatched by myself and he has 2 wives

Mixed Pekins various ages

Tracy cross breed, 8 months old also hatched by myself this year

Annie is a Horsefield, rehomed from work approx 10 years old

Mabel and Meg are Hermans and around 3 years old

Nat's (Trainee Nurse) Pets

This is Marvin who is 7 1/2 years old

Vicky's (Vet) Pets

This is Rolo having fun on Formby Beach

Kat's (Trainee Vet Nurse) pets

Dylan (Dalmatian) - rescued from Freshfields Animal Rescue in 2008. He is a bit of an old man now not that he lets that stop him!
Kimba (Husky) - rescued from Freshfields Animal Rescue as a 14 week old puppy. She is now about 7 years old and has endless amounts of energy (true to the breed).

Becks and Bud (Sister and Brother) found in a pub toilet as kittens and fostered from Freshfields Animal Rescue due to being very poorly with cat flu. They needed round the clock care for 3 weeks but I couldn't let them go after that.

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