Firework and Anxious Pets Advice and Treatment

Many Dogs and Cats have fear and anxiety for different situations.

Most common fearful situations are lightning, thunder and fireworks etc

Most common anxious situations are seperation from owner, a new environment, travelling or unwanted, unruly behaviour.


There are many products available that we can advise you on and to help manage these situations for you and for your pets.


Listed below are the products available from our branches - please speak to one of our Vets or Nurses about the right product for your pet. 


Be prepared for firework season!
Firework season is almost here and our pets often find the fireworks very stressful.
We are currently running FREE Firework Clinics with our veterinary nurses. The nurse will be able to give you advice about to help your pet feel calm and safe during the fireworks. Advice will include short term coping strategies and medication options available, as well as long term therapies for pets with severe firework phobias.
So be prepared and ring the surgery to book your FREE Firework clinic.

Royal Canin Calm is a complete feed for adult cats to helpmanage stressful situations. Calm contributes to fight against stress-relateddigestive, skin and urinary manifestations. Calm can also be used as supportfor behavioural therapy initiated for anxiety disorders.

Key Benefits:


  • Emotional balance – Alpa-S1 casein trypsic hydrolysate and an adequate contentof tryptophan (amino acid) to help maintain emotional balance
  • Skin barrier – A patented complex to support the barrier effect of the skin
  • Digestive Tolerance – Nutrients which support a balanced intestinal flora anddigestive transit
  • Hairball regulator – A combination of fibre to facilitate intestinal transitand the elimination of hairballs in stools

Royal Canin Canine Calm CD 25 is a complete feed that helps dogs of under 15 kg manage stressful situations. It helps fight stress-related digestive and skin manifestations and works as support for behavioural therapy initiated for anxiety disorders

Key Benefits:

  • Emotional balance, alpha-s1 casein trypsic hydrolysate and an adequate content of tryptophan (amino acid) to help maintain emotional balance.
  • Skin barrier, a patented complex to support the barrier effect of the skin.
  • Digestive tolerance, nutrients which support a balanced intestinal flora and digestive transit.
  • Tartar control, nutrient that traps the calcium in saliva so reducing tartar deposits.
Adaptil Range For Dogs includes a plug in, spray and collar
Feliway Range for Cats comes in a Plug in and a spray
Kalm Aid For dogs and cats comes in tablets or pump action liquid / gel
Zylkene Tablets for Dogs and cats
Zylkene Tablets

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