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For many responsible pet owners, insurance is one of the many ways of caring for their pet, like feeding, grooming and exercise. Animals are just as susceptible to illness and injuries as their owners and unexpected trip to the vet cam happen. The fact that 90% of the claims Petplan paid out in 2013 were for illness as opposed to accident is testament to a genuine need for pet insurance. What is more, data shows that pet owners are more likely to claim on their pet insurance than they are to claim on their house or car insurance. Petplan, for example, pays out an average of £3 million in claims each week

Covered For Life Policy:

This is our most popular policy and is promoted by 9 out of 10 vets. Our Covered For Life® plan will cover you against the ongoing costs of treating lifetime and chronic conditions. To offer you greater flexibility there are different tiers of Covered For Life® options – Classic with vet fees cover of up to £4,000 or £7,000 per year and Ultimate with up to £12,000 vet fees per year. Over 90% of our customers renew their Covered For Life® dog insurance policies each year thanks to the on-going benefits which are instantly topped back up at the point of renewal. Both policies offer a host of valuable benefits as standard including Third Party Liability cover, complementary treatment, should your dog require specialist care such as hydrotherapy and advertising and reward.

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Pet Insurance


Owners are kindly requested to check the terms and conditions of their Pets Insurance Policy, as we cannot be held responsible for any non - payment of claims

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If you can bring your insurance form in to us we will fill out and send your insurance forms off for claims for treatment that your pets have had with us.


Please be aware that completion of insurance documents will incur a charge to yourself.



Our fees are as follows:



Insurance Administration Fee - 1st Claim : £11.50


Insurance Administration Fee - Continuing Claim : £8.04


Insurance Administration Fee - 2+ Conditions : £14.96


Insurance Administration Fee - Direct Claim : £23.04






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prices correct as 12.01.2017

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