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Be prepared for firework season!

Firework season is almost here and our pets often find the fireworks very stressful.
We are currently running FREE Firework Clinics with our veterinary nurses. The nurse will be able to give you advice about how to help your pet feel calm and safe during the fireworks. Advice will include short term coping strategies and medication options available, as well as long term therapies for pets with severe firework phobias.

So be prepared and ring the surgery to book your

FREE Firework clinic.

Royal Canin Low Calorie Educ Treats

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Our New Theatre, Prep and Laboratory Area In Our Birkdale Practice

Understanding the Flea Life Cycle


In order to understand how and why treatment options work, we must first understand the flea’s life cycle since the various modern treatment and prevention products work on different parts of this life cycle. There are several stages to its life cycle: egg, larva or caterpillar, pupa or cocoon, and adult. The length of time it takes to complete this cycle varies depending upon the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and the availability of a nourishing host.


The flea's host is a warm-blooded animal such as a dog or cat (or even humans!) However, the various flea stages are quite resistant to freezing temperatures. The adult female flea typically lives for several weeks on the pet. During this time period she will suck the animal’s blood two to three times and lay twenty to thirty eggs each day. She may lay several hundred eggs over her life span. These eggs fall off of the pet into the yard, bedding, carpet, and wherever else the animal spends time.


These eggs then proceed to develop where they have landed. Since they are about 1/12 the size of the adult, they can even develop in small cracks in the floor and between crevices in carpeting. The egg then hatches into larvae. These tiny worm-like larvae live among the carpet fibers, in cracks of the floor, and outside in the environment. They feed on organic matter, skin scales, and even the blood-rich adult flea feces.


The larvae grow, molt twice and then form a cocoon and pupate, waiting for the right time to hatch into an adult. These pupae are very resilient and are protected by their cocoon. They can survive quite a long time, waiting until environmental conditions and host availability are just right. Then they emerge from their cocoons when they detect heat, vibrations and exhaled carbon dioxide, all of which indicate that a host is nearby. The newly emerged adult flea can jump onto a nearby host immediately.


Under optimal conditions, the flea can complete its entire life cycle in just fourteen days. Just think of the tens of thousands of the little rascals that could result when conditions are optimal!


Knowing this life cycle allows us to understand why it has always been important to treat both the host animal and the indoor and outdoor environment in order to fully control flea numbers. Simply sprinkling some flea powder on your pet will not work; simply vacuuming the home vigorously will not work, simply placing a flea collar or using a flea topical on your pet will not work.

Take a look in our Flea Prevention Section above for more information and the products available from us to help treat your pets and your home


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At Parker and Crowther we believe we offer the very best in veterinary care and customer service.


Like you, we are pet owners and understand the need to make your pet feel as relaxed and comfortable as we can whilst they are in our care.


We are a privately run practice (not owned by a large corporate company) with surgeries in Birkdale, Churchtown, Formby and Maghull.





The right care is crucial.

Every animal needs individual care. Many animal lovers find this a challenge, but there's no need to worry. Proper care is easy when you know how. Just ask us. We shall be happy to advise you.



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